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Three Best Educational Channels on YouTube


Add paragraph text here.YouTube is one of the best video media which comes with educational content that are ideal for even small children. We have compiled some of the best educational channels on YouTube.

  • Whiz Kid Science

Whiz Kid Science is a YouTube channel that helps kids do their projects and work easily. The projects at times seem complicated. However with the help of the videos, they become simpler and easier to understand and learn. The experiments shown are engaging and can help design many projects.

  • Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another fantastic YouTube channel where kids and elderly students can learn a thing or two. Though it is not attract as TED Ed it comes with all the features to help children who are above 12 years old. The best part about this source is that you can learn all your lessons in order.

Several subjects including physics, biology, math, and even history, are tougher. The videos are beautifully explained and covered. All the concepts are clearly explained. Ideal for doing your homework yourself and learning new things as you go along. You can also download the app and make use of your smart phone.

  • TED Ed

TED Talks are not new and those of you who regularly view them know what a great resource they are. The same developers have come up with TED Ed which can teach you lessons on different topics like biology and math. These lessons are taught by famous guest lecturers who can help you learn them easily.

The animations which are friendly and simple help children with learning difficulties grasp the concepts. The videos are excellent sources for young children to help them complete their homework. If you are a parent who is struggling with your child’s homework or need some additional help, then this should do it.

As a bonus we thought we will add Reading Rainbow and Numberphile which are excellent YouTube channels to learn and enjoy.

  • Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow was around in the 80s itself. The only difference being, today you can view their videos through YouTube. They focus mainly on STEM topics.

  • Numberphile

Numberphile is a great YouTube channel which deals with mathematics. Though it can sound little boring for young kids, it is a great platform to learn and understand math easily. To ensure that the viewership is not affected badly, they see to that the videos are short and simple. Unlike Khan Academy, where you can learn subjects in depth, it focuses only on the concepts of mathematics.

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